Empowering Your Kid to Become a Future Entrepreneur

AlphaEduc is a partner in the UCF Business Incubation Program. The Alpha Program was approved by UCF for meeting all the criteria for evaluating the quality of teaching.

Being a parent in the 21st century is a difficult challenge.

Inspire entrepreneurship in your child

After all, entrepreneurship isn't just about making money, it’s about providing value, learning skills, developing a driven mindset and so much more.

This is why it is vital to teach your children about entrepreneurship from a young age.

The world is rapidly changing and those who do not adjust, evolve and innovate will get left behind.

But how can you teach these skills and knowledge to you children?

With the Alpha Program!

The Alpha Program is a proven platform that empowers children with everything they need to become innovative entrepreneurs.


This program focuses on teaching in fun, exciting and engaging ways.


Financial Literacy

Emotional Skills

And dozens of other essential skills and information!

Your child will learn about:

This is the perfect way to put your child on the fast-track for success.

On top of that, you child will also get a taste of starting their own business. We believe in providing a hands on experience like running a virtual company. They will be able to advertise and sell their own products and services.

The Alpha Program does more than just provide information - it provides transformation.

They will be prepared for the ever-changing world so they can go out and live life on their terms.

Your child will be able to think in new innovative ways. They will have a better understanding and grasp of budgets and money and general.

Last but not least, they will thank you for caring so deeply about them and helping them get a jumpstart on life.

The Alpha Program, designed especially for children from 9 to 14 years old, is divided into three modules:

Each module has 12 classes, with video lessons and eBooks, totaling 36 amazing classes that will improve your child's entrepreneur mindset.

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Financial Literacy
  • Emotional Skills.

Moreover, your child will have a customized virtual company to put into practice the entrepreneurial concepts that they will learn.


Entrepreneurship Module

Many children dream of opening their own businesses, but most do not know where to start. The Alpha Program will show in practice how to become an entrepreneurial child and learn the concepts of entrepreneurship, financial education and emotional skills. Get inspired by stories of social entrepreneurs, green companies and child millionaires.

See an example of a video lesson from this module:

  • Entrepreneurship For Kids
  • Kid Entrepreneurs
  • The Risks Of Being An Entrepreneur
  • Future Entrepreneurs
  • First Job Kids
  • We Are Starting A Business
  • Innovation And Creativity
  • Success Entrepreneurs
  • Lemonade Stand
  • Virtual Business
  • Scrapbook And Crafts Business
  • Innovation In Business

Class Schedule

Financial Literacy Module

When children are still very young, we are afraid to teach them about money. The truth is that if they learn to deal with it from an early age, they will have fewer problems in the future. In the Alpha Program they will have virtual classes available and will be able to practice with their own company.

See an example of a video lesson from this module:

Class Schedule

  • Value Of Money
  • How To Make Money
  • Making Decisions
  • Family Budget
  • Managing Money
  • Types Of Money
  • Time Management
  • Saving For The Future
  • Conscious Consumer
  • Responsible And Irresponsible Borrowing
  • What Money Can Buy
  • Donations

Emotional Skills Module

Developing socio-emotional skills is one of the keys to comprehensive education. Faced with the challenges of the 21st century, schools need to stimulate critical thinking and creativity, allowing children and adolescents to become more accomplished people, more qualified professionals and more aware citizens.

See an example of a video lesson from this module:

Class Schedule

  • Champion Mindset
  • Learning From Risks And Fears
  • Focus
  • Empathy
  • Manage Your Anxiety
  • The Power Of Kindness
  • Resiliency
  • Self-Regulation
  • Good Decisions
  • Different Opinions
  • Social Networks
  • Social Initiative

Customized Virtual Company

  • Integrated dashboard
  • Products selection
  • Sales and Commissions Reports
  • Marketing tools
  • Online Courses

Virtual Company Cockpit

See some examples of active online stores and students applying their new knowledge:

How To Use The AlphaEduc System?

Enroll you child today in the Alpha Program to learn, grow and experience business first-hand, all while having a great time.


See how complete, simple and intuitive our system is to use:

Kids love displaying their well-earned Certification of Achievement after they complete the Alpha Program!

Certification of Achievement

We want parents to be satisfied and successful with the Alpha Program. If, for some reason, you are unhappy with the Alpha, please let us know through the contact form or by requesting a refund from the course dashboard. We will refund the full amount, no questions asked.

30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

What's to lose? Absolutely nothing! It’s risk-free. So let’s get started TODAY!

  • 1 year program
  • 12 online lessons of Entrepreneurship
  • 12 online lessons of Financial Literacy
  • 12 online lessons of Emotional Skills
  • 36 eBooks
  • Extra online activities
  • Customized Virtual Company

The Alpha Program


$ 29.90/month


$ 199.90/year